CROWD Token Allocation
The total issuance of CROWD Tokens is 2.5 billion, of which 50%, or 1.25 billion, is allocated as collateral necessary for the Platform Reward of CROWD service and CROWD Pool creation, In addition, 10% of the total issuance is allocated as Reward, and 15% is allocated as a Reserve in case of insufficient liquidity.
  • Platform Reward 50% (1,250,000,000 CROWD) : "Ecosystem" expansion and Pool maintenance and profit security.
  • Token Sale 20% (500,000,000 CROWD) : Used for project development and platform maintenance costs.
  • Reserve 15% (375,000,000 CROWD) : To add and expand De-Fi products in the future. Reserve quantity to prevent CROWD Drain stare
  • Reward 10% (250,000,000 CROWD) : Project promotion and Reward costs
  • Team 5% (125,000,000 CROWD) : Set lock - up period for 1 year and release sequentially after 1 year.