CROWD IDO process and Project review criteria
After the completion of CROWD IDO Voting, CROWD Community members who contributed to the Governance will have the rights to purchase the Project tokens according to their level of contribution. There are two types of IDO process.
First is IDO on the contribution of CROWD Side Chain. When a project team registered to the CROWD participates as a CROWD Locker and obtains over certain IDO Power, the project team is granted as a CROWD review committee and does not have to go through Round System.
Second is IDO by Round System that the project is selected by Community Voting. All the processes are executed in decentralized manner that the Voting process is transparent and fair. Users obtain opportunity to take part in the IDO in the order of Voting Power and IDO Power.
IDO participation is only possible during the schedule previously announced and the users who obtained IDO Power can execute the Power on first come first served basis.
Following is the IDO and project review process.