4. CROWD Launchpad

Potential investors who have secured appropriate shares for the funding through Staking System, the potential investors can use their Voting Power (Number of CROWD) for the selection voting towards the project of the choice. Potential investors must register their wallet under whitelist of the project.
Transactions of registered wallets are scanned and IDO Power is given according to the volume of Staking. On the other hand, in case of multi-wallet users or any suspicious wallet users will be considered as blacklisted wallet and the privilege of Whitelist will be terminated. Through this process, confirmed whitelisted users will receive the confirmed status to take part in the IDO.
Confirmed Whitelist users can take part in the IDO for the portion of allocated IDO Power and in case the allocated Cap is not filled, the remaining portion will be transferred to the next participant. The order and volume to take part in the IDO are determined by the number of allocated IDO Power.
When all the IDO processes are completed, the users will get the allocation of the project tokens and as all the processes are managed by the Smart Contract, all the transactions are recorded in Blockchain.